Monday, March 22, 2010

whispers of the unborn

whispers of the unborn

Lonely souls lay in dark alleys waiting to be found. Only whispers in the breeze where only God speaks. Voices only God can hear.
Lonely souls lay in dark alleys with silent cries, no one can hear them.
Are proper burials too much to ask?
Many of God's children are being separated from the divine plan God our LORD has.
All happens for reason unknown to men.
But because of our selfishness, we hurt the divine plan
for our salvation.
God's Love grows more for us at times like this.
Lonely souls lay in dark alleys waiting to be found and some never to be found again...
Their cries are carried by the breeze, where the LORD'S voice soothes them
to eternal life.
God have mercy on those who not only murders them
but also to those who abandon them in these dark and lonely alleys.

By. Matthew E. Trevino

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