Monday, March 22, 2010

The weathering of the field of innocence

The weathering of the field of innocence

The world of the youth is growing up. Dumb and stupid with no morals at all! What is to become of us in the future? No boundary!!! They say. With this kind of attitude the future does not look good. What may lie in our futures with such attitude of this kind? Maybe a dark one! Where will be, is up to us the parents.

Field of innocence is weathering

The world of innocence is slowly vanishing. Life like we know it is changing and with it our children. Where is our youth going to? God's hands are opened to us. One is to ask and he'd be there for you. No questions asked.

He is the way, the only way!

The innocent are vanishing…

Blame who want to blame but, he with no rules, knows no boundaries!

Us as the parent's are the wall that guide the innocent though life.

With no boundary their innocence vanishes…

Field of innocence is just a handful of our youth.

Morals, Love and, Compassion

Things our children are now lacking.

Children want to grow up so fast with no boundaries. That they forget what play is. Children's imaginations change with no compassion given to them. They themselves dirty their minds with things of bad nature. And without guidance from us they know not what to do.

Love is not the same anymore. Love is shown from us parents and grandparents. And if we lack that our children will lack it to.

Children's minds are ripening too fast. Field of innocence whether a way! All that is left is a lost young adult. And is this what the world wants, a future with an adult that has no morals, love and, compassion for other?

We must take our children by their hands and show them what God has given us.

The power of will was given to us to do with it what we please. And our children need to understand the morals and values of what has been given to us, this great thing that God has treasured us with. Guidance of morals, love and, compassion is the wall! Without this the field of innocence will whether a way.

By Matthew E. Trevino


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