Monday, March 22, 2010

God's rain

God's rain of LOVE pours from the heavens...
Blessing the grounds we walk with much needed rain,
His love comes down over this land that was dry.
Rains from heaven cool my anger, wet my lips with your love, my LORD God. Let it cool my heart so that it may open more to your love. Let it cool my thirst for seeking you out. For your love is like no other. It's all that i need. Let this much needed rain keep falling, to fill my heart with the ocean of your divine mercy. To get me out of this desert I'm in. I give you thanks for all you've done for me. Let your love keep raining in my heart and soul.
Matthew E. Trevino

I Honor Mary as God honors her

I Honor Mary as God honors her

Blessed Mother of Jesus with all my Love I have for your Son, I praise the
LORD our God because of you.
I'm glad that God has chosen you to bear His Word in you womb.
You are honored by God and because of this we honor you as well.
You are most blessed among women. And your heart is sacred like a garden sanctuary,
Where ones soul can rest and grow in faith for your Son.
With that one, Yes!
You gave all of mankind a reason to live and to be free through your son Jesus Christ our LORD.
Your heart holds those in sorrow.
You with the grace of God gave us Wisdom and the fountain of divine life through Jesus Christ our LORD.
Your heart holds all the sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.
Then you turn to your Son and offer them to our LORD.
Hail Mary, full of grace; the LORD is with you!
The angel Gabriel greeted you with honor.
Pope John Paul II honor you as well.
All the saints also honor thee.
Hail Mary, full of grace; the LORD is with thee!
With a crown of twelve stars and clothed with the sun you
serve the LORD with great respect and honor, and for this
I honor you as God honors you.
Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God
That we may be worthy of the promises of Christ.

By Matthew E. Trevino

whispers of the unborn

whispers of the unborn

Lonely souls lay in dark alleys waiting to be found. Only whispers in the breeze where only God speaks. Voices only God can hear.
Lonely souls lay in dark alleys with silent cries, no one can hear them.
Are proper burials too much to ask?
Many of God's children are being separated from the divine plan God our LORD has.
All happens for reason unknown to men.
But because of our selfishness, we hurt the divine plan
for our salvation.
God's Love grows more for us at times like this.
Lonely souls lay in dark alleys waiting to be found and some never to be found again...
Their cries are carried by the breeze, where the LORD'S voice soothes them
to eternal life.
God have mercy on those who not only murders them
but also to those who abandon them in these dark and lonely alleys.

By. Matthew E. Trevino

God's hope

God's hope

Hope is not to rely on a person.

Hope is to rely on God's Grace for us.

A human can promise things but, he will not do any of it.

God promises everything and he will do it all for us and more.

God is our hope, not man that speaks through his teeth. And all he speaks are empty words.

God's words are full of life.

Have him in you mind and soul.

He is the light of our souls.

God's hope it is the true reality not a fantasy.

Matthew E. Trevino



A smile with no meaning...
A prayer with no meaning...
Love with no meaning...

Empty words spill from their mouths giving their cold shoulders to the issues at hand. As their souls wounder endlessly like mindless robots that have no feeling . They pray and their words are meaningless, when they break their faces with a smile it has no feeling, and when they love you with their "warmth" it's with a cold heart.

Why even smile...
Why even pray...
Why even love...

By, Matthew E. Trevino



Rain pours out of his eyes but, yet it is a desert

Melancholy, peaceful nights

A dim of hope flourishes, lit in the soul of a man that has passion, but is too weak.

Tranquility in his mind is needed to be at ease.

Sanctuary from everything that is bad,

His mind was once that sanctuary

Now everything flows uncontrollable

His mind must be at ease.

Melancholy, undisturbed nights.

A dim of bliss flourishes, to warm the soul of this man

that has affection.

Calmness flows his way to put him at ease.

A touch of sincerity caress his soul…

A touch of innocence caress his soul…

Sanctuary comes to this man with the love of two.

By Matthew E. Trevino


Why i need my wife and daughter?

Why i need my wife and daughter?

I need them because, I love them!
They are the ones that believe in me.
They are the ones the only ones that love me with such pure love.

Their enchanting wings of pearl embrace me, holding me ever closer to their burning heart.
hearts that illuminate my life...
the beacons of my life!

I need them because, I love them!
They are that hidden treasure that know one knows of and I was the LUCKY man that found them.
love that is pure...
love of a family...
love that rarely exist else where.
They are my hidden treasure and no jewel is as precious as what is in this hidden treasure.

They are why, I wake in the mornings. They are my strength and my will to keep working. They have opened my eyes to what true love really is, and are showing me how beautiful it is.

Yes this is why I love them both because I NEED THEM!


by, Matthew E. Trevino

The weathering of the field of innocence

The weathering of the field of innocence

The world of the youth is growing up. Dumb and stupid with no morals at all! What is to become of us in the future? No boundary!!! They say. With this kind of attitude the future does not look good. What may lie in our futures with such attitude of this kind? Maybe a dark one! Where will be, is up to us the parents.

Field of innocence is weathering

The world of innocence is slowly vanishing. Life like we know it is changing and with it our children. Where is our youth going to? God's hands are opened to us. One is to ask and he'd be there for you. No questions asked.

He is the way, the only way!

The innocent are vanishing…

Blame who want to blame but, he with no rules, knows no boundaries!

Us as the parent's are the wall that guide the innocent though life.

With no boundary their innocence vanishes…

Field of innocence is just a handful of our youth.

Morals, Love and, Compassion

Things our children are now lacking.

Children want to grow up so fast with no boundaries. That they forget what play is. Children's imaginations change with no compassion given to them. They themselves dirty their minds with things of bad nature. And without guidance from us they know not what to do.

Love is not the same anymore. Love is shown from us parents and grandparents. And if we lack that our children will lack it to.

Children's minds are ripening too fast. Field of innocence whether a way! All that is left is a lost young adult. And is this what the world wants, a future with an adult that has no morals, love and, compassion for other?

We must take our children by their hands and show them what God has given us.

The power of will was given to us to do with it what we please. And our children need to understand the morals and values of what has been given to us, this great thing that God has treasured us with. Guidance of morals, love and, compassion is the wall! Without this the field of innocence will whether a way.

By Matthew E. Trevino


Life's precious gift

Life's precious gift

The hands of father Time wakes us in the morning, with the raise of the sun. There is word that God has a precious gift.

Mother Nature is at work blooming flowers and making the scent of spring surround the air. Life flourishes all around us.

We take in a breath of fresh air and father Time takes us back. Dreams that in the past were born and now exists, we searched the heavenly stars no more.

We dreamt of flowers blooming in the morning sun with the winds of change. Spring blows in with its fresh air, rain and, sunshine giving life to all the wildflowers in the field, where Diana and I danced amongst them.

Now it all makes sense.

God is giving us a precious gift. Mother Nature has worked her magic and now it's up to father Time to make his magic come through. Life is filled with many precious things, not one is like giving life to a new born baby.

By Matthew E. Trevino

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick

Patrick was born in Bannaventa, in southwestern Britain, sometime around 389.He became bishop of Ireland after Palladius died around 432. He eventually resigned as bishop, retiring to Dalaradia, where he died in 461. The influence of St. Patrick continued, for he had converted pagan kingdoms and organized Christianity throughout Ireland, making it part of Christendom. This is why he is known as the patron Saint of Ireland. St.Patrick is a great defender of the Trinity. He sees the three acts of God's love: the first is the creation of the universe, the second in sending the word (Jesus) becoming the flash to redeem the world. And the third in giving the Holy Spirit to bring light and life to humankind.
This here is one of the writings on the Trinity,
"There is no other God, nor ever was nor will be in future days, other than God who is unbegotten Father, without beginning, yet from whom is all beginning...and his Son Jesus Christ whom together with his Father, we bear witness, has most surely always existed even before time began, begotten spiritually and present with the Father in a manner beyond any human words; before all time began. And through him have all things, seen unseen, been made, that he himself was made man, and once death had been overcome, he was received into the heavens with his Father... And "he has poured out abundantly his Holy Spirit upon us," given as his pledge of our immortality. Which Holy Spirit makes us both believers, obedient "children of God and equal heirs with Christ": whom we confess and adore, one God the most holy named Trinity." Confession 4
The three leaf clover was used by St.Patrick to teach the Holy Trinity. It represented the Oneness of God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
The is a prayer of his,
Christ, be with me, Christ before me,
Christ behind me.
Christ in me, Christ beneath me,
Christ above me,
Christ on my right, Christ on my left,
Christ where I lie,
Christ where I sit, Christ where I arise,
Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,
Christ in every eye that sees me,
Christ in every ear that hears me.
Salvation is of the Lord.
Salvation is of the Lord.
Salvation is of the Christ.
May Your salvation, O Lord, be ever with us.