Monday, March 22, 2010

Life's precious gift

Life's precious gift

The hands of father Time wakes us in the morning, with the raise of the sun. There is word that God has a precious gift.

Mother Nature is at work blooming flowers and making the scent of spring surround the air. Life flourishes all around us.

We take in a breath of fresh air and father Time takes us back. Dreams that in the past were born and now exists, we searched the heavenly stars no more.

We dreamt of flowers blooming in the morning sun with the winds of change. Spring blows in with its fresh air, rain and, sunshine giving life to all the wildflowers in the field, where Diana and I danced amongst them.

Now it all makes sense.

God is giving us a precious gift. Mother Nature has worked her magic and now it's up to father Time to make his magic come through. Life is filled with many precious things, not one is like giving life to a new born baby.

By Matthew E. Trevino

5 - 5 - 05

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