Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hell the eternal death

Hell the eternal death

Death is something not to fear unless you have
fallen away from God, then fear it because that death is forever.

The eternal death is the eternal sadness of one's life.
Your loved ones no longer around you.
All the happy times are gone, all that is left is but a memory,
you wish you can get it all back but, there is no hope there.
Tormented... extinguished... isolated...
yelling out for someone to hear you,
yet no one hears you because they themselves
are to themselves.

You yell for love and love does not come,
all because you turned your back on him who is love.
He gave you chance after chance and
you walked away.

Hell the eternal death is separation of God.
The road to it is wide, and only dead people walk
that road.

No one is predestined to hell; for this, is a willful turning
away from God.

Which one will you chose?
Eternal shadows, everlasting silence, and loneliness
Everlasting Love, Joy, and happiness.

By, Matthew E. Trevino